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This page allows you to get a general idea in how much we're spending for our services.

Monthly Goal:

We have a monthly goal so we can ensure at the minimum our Dedicated Server and VPS' are live - This will reset at the start of every month.

0% (0 GBP / 45 GBP)

In total, 0 GBP has been made this month.

As such, 0 USD is currently being used for Development.

And 0 USD is currently being used for Server Maintenance.

Which results in 0 USD currently being used for other means, such as scripts.

Thank you

To the top donators - We are extremely grateful and you all help contribute to the development of Prospect Roleplay

Top donators

Name Amount
Adamantite 15 GBP
Dusttiiii 15 GBP
[TPT] Slowkiller965 5 GBP