Prospect Roleplay | Updates

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ID Type Commit Platform Developer Date
651 Change Reduced the prices a lot on literally every weed growing item, 22 grand for water is insane. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-18 20:33:12
650 Change Changed the model of the car dealer since apparently its model was literally set to "error.mdl" instead of an actual fucking model. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-18 20:28:29
648 Bug Fix Another bug fix involving NLR shit. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-18 20:09:45
647 Bug Fix Fixed our NLR system finally DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-18 19:52:48
646 Change THC now accounts for 65% of weed sell price. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-18 10:45:38
645 Change Nerfed bong prices, they were fucking insane. First bong holds 10g for 3500, second bong holds 15g for 6500, third holds 20g for 9500 DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-17 23:53:08
644 Change Set weed to sell at a dynamic rate rather than a fixed min and max percentage, should increase sell price a bit. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-17 23:51:49
643 Bug Fix Completely fixed the fucking inventory system opening a menu when looking at a door/unisec keypad. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-17 23:46:49
642 Change Changed !viewent to !getclass because it makes more sense that way. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Adam 2019-07-17 23:46:20
641 Addition Gave Pro Thieves and Elite Thieves more models to choose from DarkRP [Pᴿ] Zambie ^‿^ 2019-07-15 17:03:05
640 Addition Added a Kidnapper Job DarkRP [Pᴿ] Zambie ^‿^ 2019-07-15 17:02:29
639 Addition Added a Mercenary Job DarkRP [Pᴿ] Zambie ^‿^ 2019-07-15 17:02:17
638 Addition Added a Terrorist Job DarkRP [Pᴿ] Zambie ^‿^ 2019-07-15 17:02:08
637 Change Replaced our old Kidnap SWEP with a more up-to-date version. Thank you Mateo for allowing us to use it. DarkRP [Pᴿ] Zambie ^‿^ 2019-07-15 17:01:47
636 Addition Added the Chemical Expert Shipments DarkRP [Pᴿ] Zambie ^‿^ 2019-07-15 16:28:19

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