Update #1 - Combat Update

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Jul 10, 2019
United Kingdom

Good evening community,
Today I'd like to announce our latest update - The Combat Update.

I've spent a lot of time attempting to get this update to speed, with a lot of our time and effort focusing on new content, but also updating already existing content to give a new feel on how the mechanics of our server works. I hope I have managed to sustain this with the content I'll be giving you.

As such, here are the changes for The Combat Update:

Care Packages

Care Packages are a new addition to the servers. Do you want to get exclusive weapons? Maybe some raiding tools? Now with the Care Packages, you can do so.

Every 30 minutes a Care Package will be called, with a percentage chance to earn standard weapons, one-time exclusive weapons, raiding tools, explosives and more (Find out yourself ;)). This will be announced 60 seconds prior to the plane being called in, and will drop the package at a given point. You can defend the care package until it lands, where you then need to wait for it to open. From there, you can inventory or pick up the loot inside.

May the odds be forever in your favor.

Weapon Balancing

With the Combat Update, we wanted to make guns feel fresh, and whilst it's still the base weapon system that you know and love, the statistics of each weapon has been looked into and altered to provide a new, but familiar experience whilst shooting. The once overpowered weapons are no longer an issue, and have been modified to fit with the rest.

You can expect recoil patterns to be different, magazine capacity, rate of fire, damage and potentially other things to be different on your favorite weapons.
Here is a preview of some of the weapons:

Credits to @apple for shooting these for me.

New Unboxing System

Our old unboxing system was outdated, and frankly, quite buggy. Sadly the more it was used, the more lag it would create and the more stress on our back end services. As such, we opted for a new, up-to-date version, which now features a marketplace, in-game box openings, animations, rarity counter and also a progression system (See more)

You now can buy multiple cases at once, and you place them in the world to unbox them. Should you wish to sell them, you can do so on the market place.
With this new system, we also have a progressive unboxing system. So you can buy a Pistol / SMG / Rifle / Shotgun case, and get a chance to get a Knife Key card, and with that Knife Key card you could sell it on the marketplace or use it for a chance to get a really rare permanent knife (Which you could ultimately sell) and so on.

New Raiding Tools

With this new update, comes with some new raiding tools. You have access to two new items, the Molotov and the Remote Breaching Charge.
Both items are unique in their own way.

The Molotov you can only get from the Care Package, however once you have it you can throw it at a base to see it light up on fire. This will burn any victims in the vicinity and also burn their props, eventually destroying them. This doesn't just need to be used for raiding though, as it could be used for other means, such as a suppression system whilst raiding the bank.

The Remote Breaching Charge can be bought from the Black Market Dealer, and can be used to plant it on doors, walls, players, guns - Anything.
This can be planted and exploded at any time you wish, and can also be used as a weapon / raiding tool.

New Chatbox

For a long time we've had complaints about our old chat box, saying it was not appealing and didn't have the functionality of a newer chatbox. A such, we've updated it. There are now a lot of features with this chatbox - Not only is it extremely client-friendly, it has additional features that a normal chatbox wouldn't. For example, there are all the discord emojis, parser text, text effects and much more. Hop on the server to see it!

Other notable features

Whilst there is a lot to note, these are some small changes:

- Automatic Keypad Cracker speed has been buffed
- If you use the Manual Keypad cracker, if you succeed you will get 40 seconds of using any keypads before you have to do it again.
- Removed DarkRP Essentials. Was fucking shite.
- Removed Blues Unboxing
- Fixed an instance where the connections failed.
- Fixed SQL issues with the credit system
- New item: Pro Keypad Cracker

These changes will be live at the 6PM restart (In 10 minutes!)