TTT Rules

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Jul 10, 2019
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TTT Rules
Please keep in mind these rules are still a work in progress.

1) Using cheats, exploits, auto clickers or any of said form to give yourself an advantage is not allowed.
2) Do not be racist, homophobic, or any other form of discriminative chat on our servers.
3) You can only use one account on our services. Using another account could get you banned for Double Accounting.
4) Do not reconnect to avoid punishment or similar situation
5) Listen to Staff Members' decisions, they are non-negotiable.
6) Do not advertise communities or services without prior approval from Global Management.
7) Purposely finding loopholes is against the rules.
8) Do not mic-spam.
9) Do not trade IRL items for any TTT related items. An exception of this is giving TTT's Points in exchange for a Donor Perk in the store.
10) Do not impersonate staff
11) English is a must on this server.

12) Do not randomly kill players without valid reasoning.
13) Do not 'ghost', which is classed as giving out any information regarding the game whilst dead.
13a) If you are using discord, you must be deafened whilst the round is active.
14) Door Spamming is against the rules.
15) Backseat Administration is not allowed. For example, do not kill rulebreakers for the sake of them breaking the rules. Contact a Staff Member.
16) You must have a name identifiable by all players.
17) You must act as a Detective when assigned the role.
18) You cannot randomly announce someone as a Traitor without justification.
19) You cannot kill someone for disobeying orders.
20) Knife kills can be considered KOS.
21) You may not "Traitor Bait", which is committing traitor like acts in hope to be seen as a traitor
22) You may not announce someone as a Traitor without justification
23) You cannot camp.

24) Traitors must actively work together, meaning (without prior approval from them) you cannot kill each other.
25) Traitors must attempt to complete the objective.
26) You cannot announce someone else as a traitor without them agreeing to it, for example, to gain the innocents' trust.
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