Stamps's Mod Application.


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Apr 9, 2020
Steam Name: ICollectStamps3
In-Game Name: 11A SMA Stamps
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156139276
Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Please state your punishments below: (Warns, Bans, Kicks) None I have not received any sort of punishment.
Are you in our Discord, Steam Group and Forums? Yes I am in the Steam group, Discord, and the Forums
How many hours do you have on our services? I have 118 hours + on the server
Do you have any prior experience with administrating? Yes I have been admin on darkrp servers

Why I wish to volunteer to Administrate for Prospect Roleplay: I wish to volunteer for staff because I want to be apart of the community and help the server grow to a non minge environment. I wish to be staff because I simply want to help out the community is at a rough spot right now and I wish to help as much as I can to get it out.

Why I should be considered: (Minimum 300 words) I feel as if I should be considered staff because I have spent a good amount of time on the server I have been on almost everyday. I see lots of stuff that happens on a daily basis and what I feel like we need work on and with staff it will only make it easier for me to do something about it. I also feel like I should be considered because I can help new players easier with the powers I acquire and knowing that it is a staff member helping the new-blood instead of some random guy, you know you can trust them. Another reason I feel as though I should become staff is to help other new staff members as well, I can show others the ropes if they may be struggling to be staff. I wish to only do good for the community and the players as a whole. Also to be as helpful as you may need me to be and bring forth justice to all that appose the rules. I wish to be the administrator that you need and the helper that you may need. I also wish to be there for the server when it isn't doing good I would like to give it the boost it deserves. As I care for this server I want to help it as many ways that I can to ensure that it gets to where it needs to go to make sure that players may notice what this servers potential is. As not only Role Playing for its benefit of attracting more players but helping these new players it attracts with it. Since I have used ULX commands previously I have experience in this sort of field along side previous staffing I come to see rule breakers often. I know what to say and do to get rid of them or to stop them from breaking more rules, and hurting other players time on the server. This is why I think I should be chosen for staff and hope the best for the server.

Define RDM: Random Death Match is when you kill someone for no valid reason.
Define FailRP: FailRP is when you act out of character for example when a Private does not follow orders.
Define Self Promotion: Self promotion is when you advertise being a rank that you are not for example I am a Private and I change my name to a CPT rank and I RP as a CPT.

Explain how you would deal with a Private consistently shooting at the friendly team: I would ban them for MassRDM as he has killed his team for no valid reason and would give them a time according to how many kills he has gotten or if he is very new I would talk to him to see if it was on purpose or some sort of accident and punish accordingly to what he has done and what he has said.

Explain how you would deal with a player who is threatening the well-being of the server: I would ban them and then consult with higher ranking staff member.

Explain how you would deal with a member of staff who is breaking the rules: I would give them a punishment accordingly depending on what they've done and consult with the staff team manager or owner of the server.
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Mar 25, 2020
+1 Great person, definitely would be a good mod. I support this.