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Jul 11, 2019
Steam Name: HoMer
Timezone: GMT+3
Please state your punishments below:

Blacklist from OOC(it was a very minor thing, you can find the details in my unblacklist request, hope you can do an exception.)
How many hours do you have on our services?
Do you have any prior experience with administrating? Yes, I've been a supervising administrator but because they couln't afford the server it had to be closed. It's not administrating but I've also been a 'Teacher' on another community so I know how to work as a team, and know how to deal with internal things. Also I know most of the ULX commands.
Why I wish to volunteer to Administrate for Prospect Roleplay: Because I actually enjoy administrating, as well as I want to move this community forward with being a friendly and accesable member of the team.
Why I should be considered: I should be considered because I have a lot of experience with roleplaying, I try to answer all the questions asked, and I'm trying to be friendly to others without asslicking. I'm also a very active member of this community, I've played 21 hours in 3 days. Actually I was a bit new to DarkRP(not that new, I just didn't play much on DarkRP servers), so I spent a lot of time on the servers to learn how the things work here. I also have 1600 hours in GMod so I know the mechanics of the game very well. I have a passion for roleplay and I love spending my time with roleplaying. I have also 1000 hours on another roleplaying community so I know the rules very well(rules were not exactly the same with this but there are lots of similar rules), I've also read all rules of this community before joining to not make a mistake but I did one. I hope that you will do an exception to that by the way... So I'm a bit new to this community, it has been 3 days so I didn't have the chance to show my loyalty but you should understand that I will be loyal to this community as I played 21 hours in 3 days and didn't even leave or gave up when I got a punishment. If this gets approved I promise to keep my activity and loyalty. I know how to be calm within stressful situations as I've experienced it a lot in real life, you will say it's not the same but at least I've experienced it. I have the ability to work within a team effectively, I've also experienced it from my previous administration. I'm trying to be active on both forums and the server, I'm not that active on discord but when I had the chance to write/report anything I seize the opportunity. I'm 15 and a half years old and have a working mic(although it is a bit bad, I can reveal my voice tho, but I prefer to type.) So for these reasons I think I should be considered, thanks.

Define RDM: It is also called as 'Random Deathmatch', if you kill a person without a valid reason it is RDM.
Define NLR: It is also called as 'New Life Rule' which means when you die you are a completely new person, so you can't remember anything from your previous life and cannot go to your last death position before 5 minutes lasts.(Time may change tho, it depends on the community's rules)
Define metagaming: It is using OOC information for IC matters, like if there is an undercover cop you can't understand he is a cop with looking the scoreboard, looking his job etc. Otherwise it would be metagaming.
Define where FearRP wouldnt count: It doesn't count at the following situations: If you're under gunpoint but nothing has been ordered to you, if a player is handling a melee weapon but the threated player is not in its range, if both sides are handling a weapon that could threat their life.

Thanks for reading it, hope you can do an exception to my last blacklist as it was a really minor rule breakage, you can see the details of it in my unblacklist request.

By submitting this application, I understand and will adhere to the Prospect Roleplay Staff Guidelines and understand I can have my rank taken away from me at any time
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Jul 10, 2019
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Your application is very well thought out and detailed, however in game I’ve not seen you enough to make a comment. I know you do help players with OOC related situations and are active enough, just I personally need to see it before I can make a judgement.

Neutral, leaning towards a +.