Moderator application


Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator
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Jul 11, 2019

Steam Name:





UTC +1

Please state your punishments below: (Warns, Bans, Kicks)


How many hours do you have on our services?

~20h DarkRP / 100h+ CityRP

Do you have any prior experience with administrating?

Yeah on TTT Servers and different games as Moderator/Admin.

Why I wish to volunteer to Administrate for Prospect Roleplay:

I would like to assist the current staff team with problems such as RDMing people.

Why I should be considered: (Minimum 300 words)

I'm a usually calm person and try to help everywhere I can. I think that I'm someone who fits in the role of a moderator to help players with their problems and punish people who break rules to make the server a better place. I'm also able to work in a team because I learned team playing a lot whilst playing sports and also games. English isn't my native language but I'm always trying to improve it so I hope that it isn't the biggest problem. I try to help players currently as well with questions and things like that. I'm used to helping people with their problems because I was a supporter/moderator on different servers in different games and did the same there and had not too big issues with people so I think that I did an acceptable job.
I fill all the requirements: I have around 20 hours of playtime on the DarkRP Server, I have no punishments, I'm 17 (18 in 9 days), got a RODE NT-USB Microphone, I'm active on the server, discord and also on the forums, I can work in a team effectively as I said earlier through playing handball and different sports and I'm a calm person in general and can deal with stressful situations without falling into stress, angriness or other bad moods.
But I have to say that I'm still in my second apprenticeship so I don't have time every day to play on the server. Still, I try to come online every day to fulfill my job as moderator if I get accepted which would be awesome.

And these are the reasons why I think that I fit into the staff team as a moderator even though I have also my downsides with the language and not being able to come online every day.

Define RDM:

RDM (Random Death Match) is the killing of people without any proper reason and if there is a reason which isn't allowed in rules it's still RDM.

Define NLR:

NLR (New Life Rule) is a rule which forbids you to come back to the place you just died for 5 minutes. You also have to forget everything which happened before you died because you start a new life.

Define metagaming:

Metagaming means that you use information which is Out of Character for In Character situations. This isn't allowed.

Define where FearRP wouldn't count:

FearRP wouldn't count in the following situation: You stand in front of a guy with a Gun in your hands and he got a gun in his hands as well whilst you try to mug him he is allowed to defend himself. -> That means FearRP doesn't count here.

By submitting this application, I understand and will adhere to the Prospect Roleplay Staff Guidelines and understand I can have my rank taken away from me at any time


DarkRP Staff Member
Jul 11, 2019
- Previous experience as Administrator
- Knows the rules decently
- Is really friendly
- Moderately active in-game

- New to Dark-RP

Being new to Dark-RP should not be too big of a problem as it is not too hard to learn
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Jul 10, 2019
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Slow, your a great roleplayer and you are also known to be really helpful from our prior servers. My main concern as of now is your knowledge to DarkRP - Your new to it, and that could be an issue. I've also noticed you've repeated yourself on the application quite a few times.
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