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Zambie ^‿^

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Jul 10, 2019
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United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Zambie. I'm the owner and founder of Prospect Roleplay. I've been playing FiveM for roughly two years now and coded other games for many years.

I'm born and raised in gods own country that is Yorkshire, and 18 years old.

I mainly play as William Shrine, the Police Officer that others think cannot drive (though I have to disagree)
Feel free to give me a shout if in need of any assistance.


Hi, my name is Brax. I've been staffing for Garry's Mod & other various communities for years, and have been with Prospect for a good bit of time now. I'm a member of the management team, and work closely with Adam, Andrea, Kvatch and Zambie to ensure the community and server are fun and run smooth, in addition to being the Webmaster/Administrator. In my real life, I'm a college student, work, and love photography and the outdoors; While I don't have much time to play these days, feel free to message me with any issues.


Hello, I'm Harry! Alongside Brax, I am a member of the Human Resources team. I assist in managing staff, take confidential complaints and suggestions, and help out on making decisions for the server.

I don't have much time to play these days, but my DMs are always open!


Hi hello, I'm Adam, and I am part of the Management Team here at Prospect. I help handle the development side of things with Zambie. If you need anything, feel free to message me. You'll see me in game sometimes, so I hope to be able to RP with everyone.


Hey, it’s Ellie on behalf of Andrea!! We decided to write each others to add something a little different.

Andrea is the most caring individual I’ve ever come across. She is sweet, caring and giving! If you ever have any issues she will be there to help. Andrea has put a lot of her own personal time into the server, in fact most of her time is spent in the server, I’m pretty sure she’s wonder woman at this point! Andrea has put her heart and soul in to helping build the community and will take any means necessary to assist in anything you need help with!


Yo, I'm Beast or Chase. Call me either. I'm an Admin, Head of Business, and handle the NPC Skins. I also do a decent amount of the handling for the cars. I'm very satirical to the point it's probably annoying sometimes, but I'm not a bad person if you get to know me. I may not seem like the type of guy to reach out to, but I'm always free to lend an ear. My Dm's are always open to any questions, concerns, or even to just chat. Hope to see you on the server. 🙂 (Can't promise it'll be under the best of circumstances in RP 😈)


Hi everyone! I'm not Ellie, I am Andrea and I am going to tell you a little bit about the most amazing woman in the whole world! 😁 She is a wonderful moderator who has been there to help all of us as a community. If you ever have to interact with her, she is always fair and crazy helpful! If you have an in-game issue and have to do a /report, you just might get a response from her!


Hey guys, just want to introduce myself. My name is Paul, aka uNr3aL, aka JT. I've been RP'ing for about 2 1/2 3 years now. I love to stream and have been gaming for over 20 years. I used to manage a game server company from 2003-2009. I ran multiple professional gaming organizations during that time. I also run a Human Resources department for a 300+ member community on a game called American Truck Simulator that I am actually resigning from. I've known a lot of people from this community for quite some time now and couldn't be happier to see what has been created here. Also to have the friends I missed most back. I'm not to well at writing these, but if there's anything else you'd like to know about me just ask. Oh and on my free time when I'm not working or gaming I love surfing and snowboarding. Glad I can be a part of the team and hope I can do a great job here.​
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