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Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator
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Apr 29, 2020
Steam Name: Formulize
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:138778402
Timezone: EST
Please state your punishments below: (Warns, Bans, Kicks): None
How many hours do you have on our services? I am unsure with the amount of hours I have on prospect, although I was an active member of the Misfits RP server. I was well known, and played almost every single day.
Do you have any prior experience with administrating? I have lots of experience of being a staff member, in games such as Minecraft, and Garrys mod. I have been staff on numerous Minecraft servers that got active player bases of up to 70-200 players daily. I had been staff on that server for numerous months after resigning, I had learned a lot about how to deal with immature players, rule breakers, and toxic people. I have also been staff on two Garry's Mod servers, called "PixelRP", and "Bob Ross RP". Both of these servers had a fairly active player-base, of up to 50 player online at a time. I learned a lot about being staff on these two servers, as it taught me the fundamentals of being a staff member of Garry's Mod. I already had lots of experience in handling players, and remaining mature, it just taught me more of that, and all of the commands needed to know to be a staff member.
Why I wish to volunteer to Administrate for Prospect Roleplay: I am applying for staff for the main reason that everyone is applying for staff, to help out the community. I want to be there for each and every single player that needs help. I don’t care if they need help doing a command, I don’t mind if I have to listen to them and help them for 30 minutes straight. I will be there for the player that needs help. I want to make sure each and every player is treated fairly and that they are in a happy and non-toxic community when they join Prospect Roleplay. I will always make sure to punish the people that need to be punished and do it fairly. I just want to clean up Prospect Roleplay and make it a better place, I want to have each and every single person to be happy when they enter the server and when they exit the server. I don’t want them to leave because they didn’t get the assistance they needed, I don’t want them to leave because a staff member wasn’t there to ban the person that didn't advert, or ban the person that was exploiting that needed to be ban. I want to make Prospect Roleplay a clean place, punish all the players that are toxic, being rude, spamming in chat, etc. If a player has decided to throw shade at me, I will not throw shade back and be toxic back. Instead, I will punish them according to the rule book. I do not tolerate any rule breakers, and I will always be mature. I always try my best to be the best staff member I can be, I set myself goals such as how many players I should help today and or how many rule breakers I should punish today. I set goals, and I make myself reminders if I do something wrong, I will always try my best and try not to the same mistake twice. I am also a very efficient staff member, if I see someone RDMing, or trying to crash the server I will deal with them ASAP. I don't want to people to be raided, and lose all of their hard earned printers, bitminers, job items, etc. A big reason I am applying is that I see big potential in Prospect Roleplay, even though there are many players online each day, I believe that I can make it a better place and bring more people to come in every day.

Why I should be considered: (Minimum 300 words) I believe that I should be accepted as a staff member because I would help out the community greatly. You should also accept me as a staff member because I am fair, I won't treat players differently based on their ethnicity, age, race, religion, etc. I am also fair in a different way, I will treat all rulebreakers, and normal players the same way, with respect. No matter what the rulebreaker is doing, exploiting, spamming, being toxic, RDM'ing, or even just forgetting to advert, I will treat them with respect, just as I would with any other normal player. I also believe that I should be accepted as a staff member because I am hardworking. I will always put forth my best effort into being a staff member and will never slack off. Being a staff member is a serious job, especially on a network that is as big as Prospect Roleplay. I would always give the player all the help I can give. Another reason you should accept me as a staff member is that I am mature and patient. I will make sure to handle each situation I encounter in a mature manner, and no matter how mad a player makes me, or no matter how disrespectful is, I will remain mature. I will make sure to be patient in all situations, I will sit and listen to a player for as long as they need me, and I will never give up until I solve their issue to the best of my capability. Another reason you should accept me as a staff is that I will be active, I will dedicate as much time as possible into Prospect Roleplay. Prospect Roleplay is such a large network that they need active, dedicated, mature, and patient staff members to function correctly. I think I would make a great addition to the Prospect Roleplay staff team and that I believe I will be able to help every player out, and I am willing to learn, and spending hours of my day training to be a staff member.

Define RDM: Random Death Match, or betterly known as RDM, is when a player engages in combat with another player without valid reason. A player must have a valid reason to damage, or kill another player. For example, a hobo begs someone for me, and instead of warning the hobo to back off, he shoots him in the leg. That would be considered RDM since the hobo didn't proceed a threat.
Define NLR: New Life Rule, or NLR, is when a player dies in a certain location, they must not go back to that location for a set period of time. A player is suppose to forget everything after they die for a set period of time, they may not return to their base if they die, they may not engage in combat with the player that killed them, that would also fall under revenge RDM. An example of someone breaking NLR is when they get raided, they get shot and die, but instead of waiting until the raid is over, they run back right away to kill the raiders.
Define metagaming: Metagaming is when someone takes out of character information, and brings it into a roleplay situation. For example, if being a hitman was AOS, and you say in OOC that you were accepting hits and get arrested before accepting a hit, that would be meta gaming because the police officer used out of character information in roleplay
Define where FearRP wouldnt count: FearRP wouldn't count if you are being mugged by a single player with a knife, and instead of complying, because you have a weapon such as pistol on you, you kill them.

By submitting this application, I understand and will adhere to the Prospect Roleplay Staff Guidelines and understand I can have my rank taken away from me at any time
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