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Jul 10, 2019
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By playing on our services you agree to adhere to our rules, and follow regulations as described below. In the case you are in breach of said rules, Prospect Roleplay deems the right to punish you. Such punishments could be a warning, taking your access to items or to the servers as a whole.

General Rules
1.1) Do not use any form of hacks, cheats, exploits or third party software to give yourself or others a personal advantage.
1.2) Do not be racist, homophobic or use any form of discriminative chat. This applies to both in character and out of character chats.
1.3) You can only own one account whilst on our services. Using more than one account, for example, to avoid punishment is a permanent ban on all services, including our forum and Discord services.
1.4) Do not reconnect, suicide, change job or other to avoid a roleplay situation or to avoid a Staff Sit
1.5) Listen to the Staff Members decisions, they are non-negotiable.
1.5a) If you feel their decision is unjust, report them via the forums.
1.6) Scamming/picking up players entities is not allowed and can result in an extremely hefty punishment deemed by the management
1.7) Do not advertise other servers or communities without prior approval from the Management Team
1.8) Do not take an administrative matter into your own hands - This is known as backseat administrating
1.9) Do not punchwhore. This is consistently punching someone without reason.
1.10) Purposely finding loopholes in the rules may lead to a punishment.
1.11) Do not mic-spam. If you have a speaker prop in a building, it is allowed
1.12) Do not trade IRL items for DarkRP items, an exception of this is giving someone IC cash for a membership perk.
1.13) Do not impersonate staff or players
1.14) Anything deemed by a staff member as a threat to the server and/or our players will result in punishment.
1.15) Do not text chat / adverts. If you are to test your binds, advert it beforehand.
1.16) Do not use OOC/Adverts/@ Chat or others to spam text.

Gameplay Section
General Gameplay Rules
2.1) Do not randomly kill players without reason. For example, killing a player due to them calling you a ‘faggot’ is not allowed.
2.2) Do not randomly arrest players without reason. An example would be them calling the Police bad, this is an invalid reason.
2.3) Do not camera spam
2.4) Any player that is harming you, your party or your base can be killed without any prior warning
2.5) Raids and hits can occur without any prior warning.
2.5a) In any other case, you must warn the player at least 3 times before killing them. You must have a valid reason to warn them, such as them following you for an extensive period of time.
2.5b) Your warns must be at least 3 seconds apart.
2.5c) If in the case you are being warned, this does not give you a valid reason to kill them.
2.6) Kill on Sight (KOS) signs may only allow a players death for being past a certain point in your property.
2.6a) If the individuals are raiding, you may shoot them.
2.6b) A KoS sign may extend to the sidewalk in front of your base, however no farther than that.
2.7) Do not warn/mug anyone that is AFK.
2.8) Rooftops that are used by Administrators (The Town Square rooftops, apartment roof) are only for Administrators. They should not be climbed upon or have any form of base on them.
2.8a) Any other rooftops may be used as a base.

New Life Rules
2.9) Your character may not use any information from their previous life.
2.10) If you are killed during a raid you may not return.
2.11) Police Officers may return back to a Bank Raid / PD Raid if they die.

Props and Entities
3) Do not do any of the following:
  • Propsurf
  • Propclimb
  • Propspam
  • Propblock
  • Toolgun Spam
  • Door Spam

3.1) Do not climb on any entity (which includes props) in order to access bases or a restricted area.
3.2) Do not spawn props inside a players base, the Police Department, Bank or Spawn.
3.3) Do not attempt to block off any NPC.
3.4) Translucent Props / Materials / One way Props are allowed, however they must be bulletproof.

4) Whilst building, players should put a ‘Building’ sign next to their property. This will render the base untouchable to crime.
4.1a) Whilst you have a building sign, you cannot have any form of entities (such as Printers) in the base, or, they must be turned off / pocketed.
4.1b) While building, you are not allowed to RP until you remove your building sign. For example, you cannot kill someone for entering, however it may be considered failrp for said player to enter a building under construction
4.2) Do not build on the streets / sidewalks, Hobos are an exception in most cases.
4.3) Do not block spawn tunnels / any other tunnel
4.4) If you are making a tunnel base, ensure there is a way to get through the tunnel
4.5) Fading doors must hold open for at least 5 seconds.

Basing and Structures
4.6) All fading doors require a keypad to enter and a keypad to exit. Buttons may be used in place of a keypad.
4.7) Pitch black bases or a base that’s color disorients a player from seeing where they are going/prevents the use of the flashlight are not allowed.
4.8) Fading door windows used to shoot are allowed, however they must stay open for at least 2 seconds after you finish shooting.
4.9) Bases may have no more than 3 fading doors, however if there is only one entrance / exit, this can be increased to 5 fading doors.
4.10a) All keypads must be easily visible and within close proximity of the fading door it is connected to.
4.10b) Keypads must open their respective door for no shorter than five seconds.
4.11) Bases cannot force players to crouch or jump in order to reach a certain part of their base
4.12) A maximum of five people can be in one singular base.
4.13) In order to cordon off a specific area, like the industrial, you must ask for Administrative Approval and also ensure there is a way to get to the NPC’s unharmed.
4.14) When you have cordoned off an area, the total members can be increased to eight.
4.15a) In a cordoned off area, you may build on the streets of that area.
4.15b) You must all be in a party to live in a cordoned off area.
4.15c) Each separate building in a cordoned off area must be owned by a different player in your group.
4.16) Minimum Peek Size is a 1x3 plastic block
4.17) All peeks must be at chest and head height for defenders and raiders
4.18) No peeks at an unfair angle that gives the defender a large advantage.
4.19) No Maze Bases
4.20) No Sky Bridges(Unless fully encased and not used as a defense)
4.21) Do not build in or around spawn tunnels.

Crime Rules
5a) Players must wait 5 minutes between each individual raid
5b) You cannot raid the same base for another 20 minutes after the first raid.
5.1) If you failed such raid, you can retry after 15 minutes.
5.2) Anyone assisting / countering must advert before doing so.
5.3) The attacking team / defending team may not build during a raid.
5.4) If you are raiding a base, you are allowed to kill anyone within the base.
5.5) For the defending team, anyone who is outside of the base and not actively assisting cannot be killed.
5.5) Once you have completed your raid, you must leave immediately.
5.6) Raids can last a maximum of 15 minutes.
5.7) Counters can only be done every 10 minutes to the same person.
5.8) Do not destroy your printers to get them back if you are being raided.

Police Raids / Bank Raids
6) In order to raid the Police Department, players must advert ‘PD Raid / Bank Raid’, or similar, outside of the building.
6.1) All raiding rules apply, however the Government can return back to the PD / Bank after being killed and attempt to kill the attacker.

7) You must wait 5 minutes between muggings
7.1) You cannot mug the same person for 10 minutes
7.2) You must advert Mug.
7.3) You can only mug one person at a time.
7.4) Muggings cannot exceed more than $12,000
7.5) When mugging, give them a minimum of 10 seconds before killing them.
7.6) If the player resists in any way, you can kill them.

7.7) Hitmen can only be called through the direct hitman system. Use the Telephone or ask them directly.
7.8) You cannot purposely request a hit on a friend so the Hitman earns money.
7.9) Anyone may place a hit.
7.10) Hitmen can only raid if their hit is in a base.

Job Rules
8.1) You cannot perform any form of hostility towards any player. You may defend yourself.
8.2) You can only defend your party.

8.3) You cannot set any law that breaks any server rule.
8.4) You can only create a lockdown with a valid reason, such as someone is attempting to kill you or a PD raid has just occurred.
8.5) Lawboards must be in a realistic place, such as on a building.
8.6) You can only accept up to $75,000 in bail money.
8.7) You cannot refuse a Gun License without a valid reason, for example they have attacked you previously, and you may only sell a Gun License up to a maximum of $8,000.

8.8a) Police cannot base.
8.8b) An exception to this is a checkpoint.
8.9) You can only warrant / want if they are in violation of in-game laws.
8.10) During lockdowns, any players may be arrested. This excludes hobos.
8.11) Government do not need to advert their actions.
8.12) Any entity seized must be destroyed.
8.12a) You may collect the money that is in the printer, but it must be seized afterwards.

8.13) Dealerships can raid other dealerships property to attempt to grab their stock.
8.14) Dealers cannot deny players weaponry / items without a valid reason
8.15) Dealers can buy goods for themselves if there are not any others online.

8.16) Hobos may not own any doors
8.17) Hobos can only own the tip jar
8.18) Hobos cannot be attacked in any way unless they are behaving in a provocative manner
8.19) Hobos bases cannot contain fading doors.

8.20) You must advert terror before killing anyone
8.21) Anyone who sees a terrorist after they have advertised can KOS them.
8.22) You can only terror after 15 minutes from your prior terror.
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