DarkRP Reconstruction 101

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Jul 10, 2019
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Prospect Roleplay - Announcement

Today we're going to announce the reconstruction of the DarkRP server. We've not put a lot of effort into it recently, and after booting up the server we noticed there was a lot of flaws in the server. As such, we're going to be shutting the servers down for the general public and fixing, updating and polishing the DarkRP server.

During this time, we will be focusing on keeping the things you all loved, but with more enhanced and optimized code. We'll also look into removing the things you did not enjoy, and updating it with more fresh content.
An example of this was how our money system worked - After you got loads of money, you couldn't spend it. We're going to look into creating features where you can get items / a token currency so you can always find a need for the regular dollar.

We'll also be looking in redesigning our entire back-end for the server. At the time, it was a large mess. As such we will be changing our back-end with a more flexible and logistical system that'll allow our staff teams to understand what they are doing more.

However, we are looking for input. If you have any suggestions, make them. We need as much information as we possibly can, with the more suggestions the more we can make a server similar to how YOU want it, now us as the Management.

The Management.
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