Business Application Template

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Prospect Roleplay

Jul 10, 2019
Please keep in mind that businesses are approved for high quality role players and will not be given out to people with a history of failrp, warnings, or any other infractions. We are strict because high quality RP should be rewarded.

1) You need to be 18 or above.
2) Must have been active on the server for a minimum of one month.

Character Name:

Real life age:

Discord name:

Time zone:

Link to Steam profile:

Hours in FiveM:

Time on Prospect Roleplay:

Name of your Business:

Why do you want to run this business? Why do you feel like you should be the owner of this business? (Minimum 300 words)

In what way will this business benefit the server? (Minimum 150 words)

Items or Services you are wanting to provide. Please be very specific.

Do you require any buildings or vehicles specific for your business?
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