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  1. HoMer

    Staff Application

    Steam Name: HoMer SteamID: Timezone: GMT+3 Please state your punishments below: Blacklist from OOC(it was a very minor thing, you can find the details in my unblacklist request, hope you can do an exception.) How many hours do you have on our services? 21 Do you have any prior experience with...
  2. HoMer

    Homer's Unblacklist Request

    Your name: HoMer Blacklist Reason: Racism Issuing Staff Member: Homeless Why I should be unblacklisted: Let me summarise what I did first: I put a hit on him, and while the hitman was chasing him I yelled him 'F*ck you n*gger' in IC chat, and he then came said 'What did you say?' then I said...
  3. HoMer

    Player Report: OsamaBinLiftin

    I want this to be denied or deleted please as my video file doesn't work