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    Greetings, You've more than likely come here as your struggling to set up TokoVoip. This guide should guide you how to set it up, step by step. What is TokoVoip? TokoVoip is an amazing alternative to the standard VOIP system in FiveM, it allows you to have surround hearing, (eg. You'll hear...
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    Lawyer Application Template

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    EMS Application Template

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    Whitelist Application Template

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    Server's Location

    Hello, Rather serious discussion here As the weeks have progressed, we've received a rather large influx of both active and lurking United States players. As of right now, our staff count, player count and general timezone has shifted from a EU player base to a United States player base, with...
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    Update 2 | Economy Update

    Hello, I'm looking for suggestions for the new Update. Of course, this is all themed for the economy. We're looking for new methods to earn money, spend it, and then add some new features that you would enjoy. Please list them below, as this will allow me to keep track of them for the Economy...
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    Update #1 - Combat Update

    Good evening community, Today I'd like to announce our latest update - The Combat Update. I've spent a lot of time attempting to get this update to speed, with a lot of our time and effort focusing on new content, but also updating already existing content to give a new feel on how the...
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    Changelog Page

    Prospect Roleplay - Updates Hello community, today I'd like to announce a project we've been working on for a fair while now, and that is our new Update page. Our change log has been part of our community for years and it allows you as a community to keep up-to-date on what the developers are...
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    DarkRP Reconstruction 101

    Prospect Roleplay - Announcement Hello, Today we're going to announce the reconstruction of the DarkRP server. We've not put a lot of effort into it recently, and after booting up the server we noticed there was a lot of flaws in the server. As such, we're going to be shutting the servers down...
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    SteelTippedLego to Server Manager

    Hello community, Today we'll be promoting @The Alpha Lego to the position as Server Manager. He will be monitoring and managing the DarkRP server, and maintaining things from Staff, Activity and has a direction towards the Server Development If you need anything, feel free to contact Steel...
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    Kezza to Developer.

    Hi everyone, Today I'd like to announce a new addition to our Team. He's known by few, but for those that don't know him, he's a Scottish Bastard that doesn't like to keep quiet - But, his coding skills are on par and he has assisted me with multiple multiplications that I've run into and has...
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    Community Rebrand

    Hello everyone, With the addition of the TTT server, Prospect Roleplay doesn't seem too fitting and will confuse normal players on the TTT server. As such, we'll be taking 'roleplay' out of our name. However, we're currently looking for an alternative. What would you prefer the community to be...
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    Hello Community, After consideration, I feel like I'm unable to continue running two servers at once, being MilitaryRP and DarkRP. There's too much work on both, and we do not have the player base to sustain both servers. As such, I am going to be doing a community vote - Which server would you...
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    Resignation of Adamantite

    Hello everyone, As we had expected, @Adam James has officially resigned from his Management Position as Development Manager, which now leaves just myself and Caveman to do development. Adamantite enlisted into the Military a couple of months back, and his deployment is within two weeks: As...
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    MilitaryRP: Map.

    Hello, We're looking for some MilitaryRP maps. Some people have complained that the current map is outdated, really open and to put it simply shitty. Whilst I personally like the map, I believe it's the best interest to allow the community to decide. Would you like the current map, or to look...
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    Guide [GUIDE] How to: Sync your Discord with the Forum

    This is going to be a quick guide in how to add your Discord Account to your forum account What does this do? Allows you to sign in through Discord Gives you a trophy Gives you a role on discord Syncs your roles via the forum Great! How do I do it? Go to your little avatar icon at the top...
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    Hello, I'd like to announce I'm going to be starting work on a MilitaryRP server. Our prior community was actually founded on the roots of MilitaryRP, and I feel it'd be quite refreshing to do it once more. However, this is not going to affect development on the DarkRP server, nor will it...
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    EdgyDel to Staff Manager

    Hello, Today I'm announcing @EdgyDel as our DarkRP Staff Manager. He'll be managing our Staff Team from now on, and as such anything in relation to staff should be directed to Edgy, and not the upper management. Edgy is known by myself and Caveman, and by a vote in the most recent staff...
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    Song Suggestions

    If you want any song added to the loading screen, send us the link here - We'll look into it!
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    Next Server?

    Whilst we are still working on our current DarkRP servers, we're looking to expand due to us having the ability to host multiple servers. That'll mean a higher coverage within games, and more importantly, make ourselves more known. Of course, all this will happen in due time, however, I'm...