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    Suggestion: [Storage boxes] option to hide pin (streamer mode?)

    Unfortunately it's not possible, there is no function that allows us to do this.
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    Suggestion: [RADIO] Animation added to public radio + QOL for radio sound levels.

    Unfortunately TokoVOIP is one of the most limited things I can modify. I can probably make a radio volume command, but as far as the sound, unfortunately not.
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    Gamemode Suggestions

    Mining is in, as in fast food. Currently you can purchase boats through the server, however can change when we have the players to do so.
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    Gamemode Suggestion: Medical Intake Log

    This is already a thing, however only accessible to EMS
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    Gamemode Medical Suggestions

    I can confirm medkits are turned off once there is any EMS on-duty. Local Doctors are turned off when there are 3 or more EMS on duty.
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    Gamemode Suggestion: Ability for mechanics

    Done. Mechanics can now do /remove
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    Meet the Staff Team

    Zambie Hi, I'm Zambie. I'm the owner and founder of Prospect Roleplay. I've been playing FiveM for roughly two years now and coded other games for many years. I'm born and raised in gods own country that is Yorkshire, and 18 years old. I mainly play as William Shrine, the Police Officer that...
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    Johnny Trotter aka uNr3aLTV

    Great to have you here buddy
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    Server Rules

    Updated 26/08/20 Added backseat administration
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    Teamspeak Suggestion: Rebinding TeamSpeak Key

    My biggest concern with this is that its the default keybind for tokovoip, and also the most used key for almost every server. I dont want to make things even more complicated by changing a key that's used and known by everyone that uses toko
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    Gamemode Suggestion: Add random items to sell at pawn shop

    Pushing to In-Progress
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    Gamemode Suggestion: Car Suggestions

    Paging @Andrea
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    Gamemode Suggestions

    Currently there's no plans in adding Aircraft Licenses - Whilst it's something I'd love to look into in the future, it's not really a possibility right now
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    Graphics Pack / Map Textures

    Hello, If you wish to see GTA in a much more clearer picture, for example brighter textures, a beautiful ocean and much more, feel free to download the Official Texture Pack. This mod installs directly to FiveM and requires no modification to the main GTA V Folder. Everything is copy & paste...